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Fast and safe relief from pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia

Alpha-Stim is a device that uses FDA approved electrotherapy technology used around the world by medical doctors and other healthcare professionals to effectively treat acute and chronic, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

What is Alpha-Stim?
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Alpha-Stim electrotherapy works by transmitting a unique, patented electrical waveform to modulate the cells' neural impulses to normal functioning, significantly reducing anxiety, depression, and insomnia.


Your treatment for depression should be tailored to suit your own unique needs and preferences. You don't have to accept the addiction risk, hazardous side effects, and withdrawal that comes with prescription drugs. Live life once more to the fullest!


If you prefer  drug-free treatment for anxiety that can help you regain your confidence and live life again, Alpha-Stim could be the solution. This is a safe, drug free, scientifically proven treatment for anxiety.


If you can’t fall asleep or have trouble staying asleep, you can experience adequate sleep with FDA approved, non-drug Alpha-Stim treatment for insomnia. Increase sleep time, reduce sleep disturbances, and improve your overall sleep quality.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing

EMDR is a form of therapy that helps you heal traumatic memories and other distressing experiences. EMDR has been extensively researched and is proven to be an effective treatment approach. 

Immigration Evaluations

U-VISA, VAWA U-Visa, Asylum, T-Visa

Diagnostic Evaluations

Diagnostic and clinical intake interviews start from $500.00. It includes an extensive diagnostic interview and written report.

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Immigration Evaluations

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